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Local youth gives up gifts to support Boys & Girls Club

CAP: Connor Rohm, front row middle, pictured with his friends at the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County as they learn to climb the indoor climbing wall with Jim Deaner, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club.

Local youth gives up gifts to support Boys & Girls Club

When asked, most 7-year-old boys would probably identify a long list of items they would like to receive as birthday presents. That list may include video games, matchbox cars, Lego(R)s, pro sports apparel, and any number of other things. Connor Rohm, of Greencastle, put together a very different list for his birthday. Instead of gifts he asked his friends to make donations to one of his favorite places, the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County.
"It was his idea so instead of making a wish-list of birthday presents we asked his friends and their families to make donations to the Boys & Girls Club," said Julie Rohm, Connor's mom and a volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club. "He's been going to the club for a long time with me and even though he doesn't attend on a daily basis the other kids always welcome him like he is a regular so he wanted to do something nice for them," she added.
Nice it was as Connor presented a check for over $300.00 to the Boys & Girls Club from his birthday party. In addition, Connor got to enjoy a day at the club as he went rock climbing, played in the gym, and participated in games room activities.
"The gift of $300.00 from Connor and his friends really goes a long way to support our mission. He is a very caring young man," said Buck Browning, director of development for the Boys & Girls Club. You can visit the Boys & Girls Club online at or on Facebook(R) at Boys & Girls Club of Washington County Maryland.

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