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Washington County Dog License - your dog's ticket home...

Washington County Dog License - your dog's ticket home...

Dear Companion Dog Owners of Washington County,
Pets, especially dogs without identification, are often mistaken for an unwanted animal and if found by a private citizen are not reported as being found to the local animal shelter. And if found by an Animal Control Officer must be transported to the animal shelter until such time that the owner can locate him/her, resulting in the accumulation of such fees as boarding cost, impoundment, medication, vaccinations, etc. In FY 2010 50% of the dogs we received were stray and only 50% of those were reunited with their owner.
As of 1/1/2011 the Humane Society of Washington County became responsible for the Washington County dog and kennel license system. There were also important changes that became effective at the same time to better serve to animals and citizens of Washington County. No longer will licenses become due each July 1st but instead will run concurrent with your pet's rabies vaccination. No longer will you be limited to a 1 year license but can choose from a 1, 2, 3 yr or lifetime license. We are offering more outlets in the community and also selling license at our 6 annual low cost rabies clinic per year. Community outlets have the option to charge up to a $3.00 surcharge per license for their administrative efforts - while HSWC can only charge the base fee.
While the State of Maryland requires that all dogs, cats and ferrets four months of age and older are currently vaccinated against rabies, Washington County requires that all dogs four months of age and older wear a current county identification tag. And that all properties housing, boarding, breeding or caring for 5 or more dogs over the age of four months are required to obtain a kennel license.
So what are the advantages of having a Washington County dog license?
1. Current identification on your dog indicates that;
a. That he/she is owned and loved
b. That rabies vaccination is current
2. If lost and found by a citizen, a phone call to HSWC can provide the owners information
3. If lost and found by HSWC Field Officers they may be able to return the dog directly to you at home
4. A dog wearing current identification is guaranteed up to $250 of emergency veterinary care until we can contact you. You will be responsible for the cost at time of reclaim.
5. All license and kennel fees are directly deposited in the Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) account. This is a Washington County voucher program designed to help any citizen of Washington County with the altering of their dog or cat. Apply at HSWC to see if funds are available.
How do I apply for a kennel license?
Stop by and/or call HSWC for a kennel application form. Take the completed form to WC Permits and Inspections (80 W. Baltimore St, Hagerstown) to assure proper zoning and then return to HSWC with all approved and completed paperwork so our Field Officers can do a property inspection. Successful completion of the inspection will make you eligible to obtain a kennel license.

So what is the cost of a dog and/or kennel license?
(Remember, your rabies vaccination must be current the duration of the license.)
1 year = $5; 2 year = $9, 3 year = $13, Lifetime = $25 (can only apply for at time of and/or after receiving second three year rabies vaccination), Kennel License = $100 per year (due every July 1st), Potentially Vicious and Dangerous Dog License = $75 per year plus regular license, Vicious and Dangerous Dog License = $150 per year plus regular license
So where can I get my best friend dog license?
(These outlets sell only regular dog license and they may charge up to an additional $3 per tag. Remember you always need to show proof of current rabies vaccination to obtain a new license)
In addition to the Humane Society of Washington County, dog Licenses are available at the following locations:
*Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown: 301-733-7579
Antietam Valley Animal Hospital: 301-582-3833
Boonsboro Veterinary Hospital: 301-432-7120
Clear Spring Hardware: 301-842-2291
Cumberland Valley Veterinary Clinic: 301-739-3121
Downsville General Store: 301-223-6401
Longmeadow Animal Hospital: 301-733-8400
Daniel Murphy: 301-678-6635
Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Hospital: 301-797-1800
Park Circle Animal Hospital: 301-791-2180
Smithsburg Veterinary Hospital: 301-416-0888
Startzman's Hardware: 301-739-8853
Town of Hancock City Hall: 301-678-5622
William Gower & Son: 301-582-2818
Where can I get a kennel license or Potentially Vicious and Dangerous and/or Vicious Dangerous Dog license?
Humane Society of Washington County: 301-733-2060,, Hours of service: Monday/Wednesday/Friday = 9am-5pm; Tuesday/Thursday = 9am-7pm, Sat = 9am-4pm, Closed major holidays
I hope this helps to clarify the recent changes that have taken place in Washington County in reference to dog and kennel licensing. Remember that when your dog wears a current license it helps us to identify their owners and find his or her way home if they become separated from you. It also assures they will be given up to $250.00 in emergency veterinary care should they be in need of assistance while lost. It also provides funds for the voucher program designed to help Washington County residents spay or neuter their dogs and cats.
Paul F. Miller
Executive Director
Humane Society of Washington County
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