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Cumberland Valley School of Music offers summer camps in music, voice, and theater

Cumberland Valley School of Music offers summer camps in music, voice, and theater

Chambersburg: The Cumberland Valley School of Music is offering summer camps and classes in music, voice and theatre. They offer a wide range of interest for students of all ages. Infants and toddlers will learn music based on sounds of nature. Aspiring rock musicians will come together and play as a band. Shakespeare takes center stage with both drama and music.
An all-adult band for those 50 and over welcomes beginners and those returning to an instrument after many years. Each summer hundreds of students participate in the CVSM camps. Each camp will conclude with a public performance.
Voice and Drama Camp, featuring music from "The Music Man" (July 11-16): For students entering grades 4-9
This camp has the largest number of experienced faculty per child of any theatre or music camp in the area! This exciting week of music, dance and drama will provide students the opportunity to work on music and scenes from the popular Broadway show, "The Music Man".
It Rocks! - a camp for aspiring rock musicians (July 18-23): For junior and senior high school students
Participants will learn and perform several current and classic rock songs in a garage band setting under the direction of seasoned teachers and players. They will explore how the early styles have influenced today's music and learn standard rock licks and how to play together as a group.
Musical Odyssey (July 18-22): For children entering grades 1-4
There will be music and acting games, rhythm activities including a drum circle, hand signals for scale pitches (referred to as sol-feg) will strengthen their ability to match pitch and to read music and of course songs to sing.
Theatre Camps - Focus on Shakespeare (July 25-30): For students entering grades eight and up
Two companion camps will focus on Shakespeare -considered the greatest and most influential playwright in history.
Camp 1: Shakespeare Scenes. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic acting techniques such as vocal projection, diction, creative movement while working on scenes from plays such as "Taming of the Shrew", "Hamlet", "Romeo & Juliet"" and "The Comedy of Errors."
Camp 2: Shakespeare Inspired Broadway Musicals. Students will work on
and present songs from the Broadway Musicals, including "Kiss Me Kate"
(Taming of the Shrew), "West Side Story" (Romeo & Juliet), "The Lion King"
(Hamlet) and "The Boys from Syracuse" (The Comedy of Errors).
String Fling (June 28-30 & July 12-14): For beginner to intermediate violin, viola, cello or bass players
This short musical "fling" offers ensemble playing, fiddle music, musical games and music and movement.
Nature's Music (June 14-July 7): For 3 months to 2 years
A wonderful music class to share with your child and connect with him or her through music! It includes dancing, singing, imaginative play, instrument play, and lots of nature-inspired movement. This family-centered class is an enriching experience for both you and your child.
Nature Trail (June 14-July 7): For Children ages 4-7
Nature Trail brings nature into the music class and takes the music class out into nature. There is singing, dancing, and creative movement as well as time to connect with nature: each class involves an exploratory exercise that brings children in touch with the nature outside the classroom door. It encompasses arts and crafts that support music and nature themes. It is the perfect way to spend a summer morning!
Music Together (July 12-29): 18 months- 5 years. Siblings younger than 18 months can attend at no charge.
This class explores music in a warm, low-key atmosphere, making music a part of everyday life, setting in motion a life-long love of and participation in music.
Basic music skills will be developed through song, creative movement, and
rhythm instruments.
CVSM New Horizon's Band (June 2-August 18): For people 50 and over
If you are interested in learning to play or returning to an instrument after many silent years, this is the group for you!
The Cumberland Valley School of Music is a nonprofit member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education, providing musical arts education and performances throughout the Cumberland Valley. CVSM awards a number of scholarships to students with financial need. More information on CVSM summer camps and classes is available online at
To register, call Cumberland Valley School of Music, 717-261-1220.

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