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CVB releases new Washington County bike maps and brochures; brochure and map now online

CVB releases new Washington County bike maps and brochures; brochure and map now online

Hagerstown, MD) - The Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has just released a new Bicycle Tours map and brochure for Washington County, Maryland.
The new printed bike map and brochure now features the Maryland State Highway signed bicycle routes.
The entire project is also online, see:
The hundreds of miles of low-traffic rural roads in Washington County, almost all excellent for bicycling, have always attracted cyclists. The C&O Canal Towpath and the Western Maryland Rail Trail are also popular destinations, as well as Antietam Battlefield. Several local state parks also have excellent mountain biking, including Greenbrier State Park.
The President of the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Tom Riford, said, "This was a joint project that we started a few years ago, and we have now greatly enhanced the brochure. We worked with the Washington County Planning Department, the City of Hagerstown's Engineering Department, the Cumberland Valley Cycling Club, and Icon Graphics. Our county has some great biking, and this new map and brochure will truly help cyclists, and help promote our county." Riford said that the bike map works hand in hand with the City of Hagerstown's new bike map and brochure, of which the CVB was the primary financial sponsor. rankings have shown that half of Maryland's 10 most popular trails are in or near Washington County. Thousands of cyclists explore Washington County annually, many who are escaping out of the confines of the urban metro areas.
"Time and again, we have bike groups that tell us that Washington County is absolutely the best for biking," Riford said. "It's really something that attracts a significant number of visitors. Washington County is so attractive to cycling that regional and national events are being held here."
The colorful new glossy map, designed by Icon Graphics, folds out to include eight different bicycle loop tours throughout Washington County, and includes a Hagerstown bike tour. Each tour varies in length, from 10 to 34 miles, and explores a variety of terrain. The inside of the map shows Washington County with all eight-loop tours and the routes for seven of the tours. The backside of the map shows the city of Hagerstown and the route for the "Hub City Tour," which utilizes the Hamilton Run bike path and the North Prospect Street bike lane. The Hub City Tour map shows various parks and points of interest.
In addition to bicycle maps and routes, the brochure includes a welcome to Washington County, pertinent safety information, a listing of local bike shops, points of interest, and a brief history of the county.
Icon Graphics owner-manager Keith Baumbach said, "This was a project which entailed creating several maps with bike loop overlays, and putting together a creative layout to show what our county offers for bikers. We're very pleased with the outcome of this project." The firm's web site is:

The tour routes were supplied by the Cumberland Valley Cycling Club (CVCC), which provided the support and guidance to the CVB throughout the entire process of redesigning the brochure. The CVCC is a recreational and racing bicycle club that has been based in Hagerstown since 1983. The organization's web site is:
CVCC President Dick Cushwa said that the project will be a welcome addition to the opportunities available for cyclists that come to Washington County. "We are very pleased to have provided assistance for this project. Our club designed the original bike routes and tours, and we worked closely with the planning departments of the City of Hagerstown and Washington County. This new map is an improvement of what was done before, because it includes the new Maryland State Highway signed bike routes. "
Twenty thousand new Bicycle Tours maps were printed by HBP in the first run. The new map-brochures are currently available at the CVB Visitor Welcome Center in downtown Hagerstown and will be available from many CVB member businesses, especially hotels and bike shops, throughout the area. The map-brochure will be periodically updated, as well.
The CVB's Riford said that the entire project is web-friendly. "We moved forward with putting this improved map and brochure on our web site. We want to be able to reach even more potential visitors, who are looking for cycling opportunities in our area."
The CVB's web site is: The Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help attract visitors to Hagerstown and Washington County. The CVB helps to create vibrant growth for the local economy by promoting, developing, and expanding the local visitor industry. Washington County has 5 national parks, 8 state parks, over 30 county or city parks, more than 30 museums, rated first in the State of Maryland in Retail Opportunities, and has more than 21 historic stone arch bridges. Washington County is part of the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area (, and the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area ( Washington County is also part of the Quad-State Tourism Coalition, a four-state tourism group along I-81. For more information, see: The Hagerstown-Washington County CVB was recently awarded the Maryland Cultural Heritage Tourism Award by Governor Martin O'Malley.

There are many Maryland State Highway bicycle maps and brochures. For more information, see:
Also see the Bicycle Level of Comfort Map for Washington County's state highways:

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