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Owner of R&H Collectibles Goes on "A New Adventure"

Owner of R&H Collectibles Goes on "A New Adventure"
By Jennifer LB Leese

If you're in hunting for treasures, then R&H Collectibles is a place to see. They are located at 14845 National Pike in Clear Spring.
Ron Hoffman, owner of R&H Collectibles, was in a partnership with a lady who had another collectibles business in the building and when she decided to get out of the business, Mr. Hoffman decided to get into one. In August of 2009, he changed the name to R&H Collectibles and Gifts. "I got laid off from Bowman Development and I'm a construction superintendent - so there's no work - so I created a job," says Hoffman. "I started out doing vending and I still do vending on weekends - bike shows, car shows, fairs, festivals...stuff like that." Hoffman's side business is vending new products such as model motorcycles, gifts, skirts, and wraps as in Gypsy-Rose and tie-dye, Indian jewelry and such." A few of these items are also placed in the store for browsing and purchasing.
Now on a new adventure, Hoffman says he enjoys it because he gets to "meet a lot of interesting people and I get to see a lot of interesting things come in. I have antique collectors, e-bay people, yard sale people - a pretty large variety of people come through here.
"I also get a lot of people from out of town and out of state. Business comes from West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Being on this road...on alt 40 going up Saint Paul and then on to Mercersburg is good for business."
R&H Collectibles has something for everyone. The aisles are easy to navigate and the entire store is well-lit and well-stocked. "Being that I'm a consignment shop, different stuff comes in everyday," said Hoffman. "I have vendors that bring in stuff as well. I have one lady who brings her crafts and purses in. Country Simple, who does the primitive stuff, bring their items in - they have real good prices.
"The stuff that goes the fastest is the most unique things that you can't describe what it is," Hoffman said. "If it's ugly or they don't know what it is...they'll buy it. That's just the way it works."
When browsing be sure to keep your eye out for anything that has a red line through it - that is R&H Collectibles red-line special and it is 50% off. As it goes a consignment runs for 60 days. After 30 days it gets marked down 25%, then after 60 days it gets marked down to 50%. The stuff that doesn't move is put in a big box and marked as a mystery box for a special price or it's donated to local churches and/or missions. Clothes are one thing you will not find at R&H Collectibles. You also won't see guns, porn, or knives with springs. You will see antiques, modern and old furniture, dishes, dolls, household items, crafts, and more as well items that don't fit on a table - boats, cars, and camping trailers. "There's a little bit of everything in here," Hoffman said as he laughed and added, "everything in the store is for sale except me."
Mr. Hoffman feels R&H Collectibles is different because of the variety of items they have available. "Also because of our low prices and country setting," Hoffman said. "We also do packing and wrapping, as well as a wish list for items you are interested in but don't see in the store just yet."
During the summer, be sure to stop by to check out the tables they'll be placing out front. "I'm going to try and do that twice a month this summer," he said. So if you have items to sell, contact him and rent a table. Dates are still being set, so look for the specific dates in the Picket News' calendar in print and online as well as on our Facebook(r) page.
If you're interested in placing your items with R&H Collectibles, call 301-582-4747 or just stop in (14845 National Pike in Clear Spring)! They are open from 10am to 6pm Tuesday-Saturday, 12-5pm on Sunday, and closed Monday.

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