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Congratulations to Clear Spring High School's FBLA

Caption: Front row: Karen Teach, Advisor, Maria Jarvis, 2nd row: Kelly Humbertson, Sammi Owens, Shannon Bishop, Brittany Ray, 3rd row: Kelsey Capezuto, Cassandra Suder, Carly Yost, Ann Savage, 4th row: Colby Poffenberger, Dylan Baker, Melanie Walters, 5th row: Zach Valko, Ben Cornwell, Max Martin, Zach Uchima, David Bright, and Aaron Hetzer

Congratulations to Clear Spring High School's FBLA

Congratulations to the following FBLA members who participated in the State Leadership Conference for FBLA held at the Baltimore Marriott-Hunt Valley Inn March 25-27, 2010.
Clear Spring High School Chapter was named the 4th largest in the State of Maryland. Clear Spring High School was also recognized by MSDE as the most outstanding Career and Technology student organization in the state. Scrapbook-created by Kelly Humbertson, Kelsey Capezuto, and Sammi Owens placed 4th; Ann Savage and Melanie Walters placed 11th in Business Ethics; Ben Cornwell placed 7th in Business Math; the team of Zach Uchima, Max Martin, and Aaron Hetzer placed 2nd in Business Presentation; Colby Poffenberger placed 3rd in Business Procedures; Sammi Owens placed 2nd in Client Service; Maria Jarvis placed 8th while Shannon Bishop placed 5th in Impromptu Speaking; Carly Yost placed 5th in Introduction to Business; David Bright placed 7th and Brittany Ray placed 2nd in Introduction to Business Communication; and Cassandra Suder placed 4th in Word Processing I. Our Local Chapter Annual Business Report placed 4th, and we were named a Gold Seal Chapter.
The following students have qualified for competition at the National Leadership Conference to be held in July in Nashville, Tennessee: Zach Uchima, Max Martin, and Aaron Hetzer in Business Presentation; Colby Poffenberger for Business Procedures, Sammi Owens for Client Services, and Brittany Ray for Introduction to Business Communication.
Huge thanks goes to Dylan Baker who worked tirelessly during the past year for our local chapter and represented us on the Maryland State Officer Team as the secretary/treasurer. During his time serving the state, Maryland FBLA made great strides in expanding our horizons.
Also, congratulations to Zach Uchima, Melanie Walters, and Dylan Baker, who were selected to be hypnotized and provide entertain for 877 students in attendance at the convention the first evening.

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