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Tech High Wins Big at Nationals; 13 Students Heading to Nationals

L-R: Katie Coffman, Sarah Tasker, Amy Syverson, Mark Sokol, Allison Mackey, Taylor Davis, Micah Davis, Alexandra Burt, Deanna Molnar, Ashley Willingham, Christine Johnson, Keagan Boyce, William Gigeous, Genevieve Moore, Jacob Vann, Danielle Gesford, Jonathan Hafner, Veronica Morris, Derrick Martin, Nick Harbaugh and Michael Corcoran. Absent: Kelsey Bowman

Tech High Wins Big at Nationals; 13 Students Heading to Nationals

Hagerstown, MD (March 29, 2010) Nearly half of the Washington County Technical High School students participating in this past weekend's state SkillsUSA competition in the Baltimore area earned top three spots in their skills category, and eleven competing students finished in first place, earning trips to the national SkillsUSA competition in Kansas City in June. Two other Tech High pre-engineering students will comprise a demonstration team at nationals, showcasing a sustainability project that earned the school a $10,000 grant from State Farm Insurance. A total of 22 of the 47 participating Tech High students won medals at the state competition.
Here is the complete list of medal winners:
1st place:
* Advertising Design: Amy Syverson (also won a $1,000 scholarship from Johnson & Wales University)
* Architectural Drafting: Deanna Molnar
* Collision Repair: Michael Corcoran (also wins auto tools)
* Engineering Technology (Team): Keagan Boyce, Alexandra Burt, Taylor Davis
* Health Occupations Professional Portfolio: Katie Coffman
* Photography: Danielle Gesford
* Preschool Teaching Assistant: Ashley Willingham
* TV (Video) Production (Team): William Gigeous, Genevieve Moore (each won a $5,000 scholarship to Boston University)
2nd place:
* Medical Terminology: Nick Harbaugh
* Prepared Speech: Micah Davis
* Quiz Bowl (Team): Sarah Tasker, Mark Sokol, Allison Mackey, Kelsey Bowman
3rd place:
* Computer Maintenance Tech: Jacob Vann
* Graphic Communications: Derrick Martin
* Job Skills Demo A: Jonathan Hafner
* Medical Terminology: Christine Johnson
* Preschool Teaching Assistant: Veronica Morris
Tech High students competed at the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute, Baltimore International College, Printing Specialty Corporation, North County High School, and the Center for Applied Technology North. The awards ceremony was held at the University of Maryland Baltimore County field house. Medal winners also received a lapel pin to present to their teachers.
Marjorie Kellman, lead SkillsUSA and student government advisor, was named Regional Advisor of the Year for 2009-2010. She said, "This is a special, talented group of students who have worked very hard to earn these awards. These are experiences that make it easy to predict success for them in college and their careers."

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