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Salem Avenue Elementary Third-Graders Help the HSWC

PHOTO CAP: Brownie, winner of the Salem Avenue Elementary Pet Contest!

Salem Avenue Elementary Third-Graders Help the HSWC

Third graders at Salem Avenue Elementary School were so inspired by a book about animals that survived Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans that they decided to create a project that would help both the Humane Society of Washington County (HSWC) and the SPCA in New Orleans. On Tuesday, March 30, 2010 HSWC Executive Director Paul Miller will be at Salem Avenue Elementary School to accept a donation of $200.00 that was raised by the students.
After reading the publication Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival the third graders were inspired to hold a fundraiser to help homeless pets. They decided to hold a photo contest featuring school teacher's pets. Teachers were asked to submit photos of their furry companions and over 40 photos graced plastic containers displayed in the cafeteria. Students voted for their favorite photograph by placing coins or bills into the appropriate container. All of the third grade classes were involved in the fundraiser as they alternated counting the money each day after lunch.
The students worked hard to promote their project by creating posters, explaining the contest each day on the morning announcements, and creating colorful graphs that tracked the money raised each day. In spite of the two blizzards that reduced their initial two week voting period to only eight days, the event still raised $400.00 for the animals. Students determined half of the proceeds would go to local homeless pets at the HSWC while the other half would be sent to the SPCA in New Orleans in honor of Bobbie and Bob Cat, the animals featured in the book Two Bobbies that they read.
Miller is looking forward to meeting the students. "We are honored to be chosen to receive the rewards of the student's hard work," said Miller. "This came from their hearts and I feel confident that is why it was so successful." Accompanying Miller will be his dog Duphy, a dog he rescued while living in Tennessee.

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