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Northwood Pool: The Best Kept Secret in the North End

Northwood Pool
The Best Kept Secret in the North End

Members already know that Northwood Pool is the place to go during the long, hot, humid days of summer. Now with their membership drive in full swing, they welcome the public to check them out.
Northwood is a membership owned club. "All the members have stock options - so we all own it," Larry Hammond said, president of the Northwood Pool club. With their own by-laws in play, the board of directors listen to the members and make decisions based what is appropriate for the club and its members.
"My family was a member in '67. When I graduated college, got married and had a family, I then decided to go back. I have been a member now since 1985," Hammond said. "I grew up at the pool. A lot of my friends grew up at the pool.
Northwood Pool has been around for 52 years this year. It sits on 5-acres. The property is completely fenced-in and a guard is at the entrance as members enter. "Parents will feel relief knowing that their children can't go in and out by themselves...the children are free to run and are safe to do so," Hammond said. "Staff members have been there forever. Everybody knows everybody."
Separate from the pool and the baby pool, Northwood offers their members many ways to relax and enjoy the summer. Currently they have 2 tennis courts, shuffleboard, a basketball court, a ping-pong area, tether ball, baseball field, and an area for throwing lacrosse balls. There are also 2 soccer nets. "There's plenty of room for kids to run and make up their own games," Hammond said. "It's all grass, except for the courts. It's well manicured, which gives members and guests a welcoming, comfortable feeling. It's a pleasant place to spend the summer. The area is open and the atmosphere is social and relaxing" ... "come and find a place to lay down, surrounded by your friends and family, Hammond continued.
Northwood Pool is a family oriented private pool and recreation facility that also offers tennis lessons, a hitting wall for practicing swimming lessons. Tennis lessons are available for youth members during the week as well.
They are proud to announce the addition of a new swim team coach for 2010. Her name is Cassie Dobrzanski and she is also a former Northwood Swim Team member. Cassis has 15 years of competitive swimming experience and taught swim lessons and coached the 8 and under age group of the Hood Hammerheads Swim team and went undefeated for 4 years running.
Cassie loves coaching because you get to teach the children so much more than swimming. They can learn the value of a good work ethic, determination and most importantly self-confidence. She likes to teach swimmers to challenge their expectations and push their limits and at the same time, to have fun and better themselves. Cassie loved Northwood as a child and is looking forward to returning to Northwood Pool to coach the team that opened so many doors for her.
Cassie is expected to graduate in May 2011 and is really looking forward to this year at Northwood Pool.
When asked the differences are for a private pool versus a public pool, Hammond said, "With a public pool...anyone can go. A private pool means you're restricted to just those families who use the pool, with their approved guests. A public pool is managed by the City of Hagerstown, as a private pool, we have our own bylaws and pool regulations. The board of directors meet and discuss what needs to be changed or improved. A perfect example is when throwing lacrosse balls. Anyone can get hit. So we decided to move the court so the members could all feel and be safe."
Even though there are no concession stands, small snacks are available. Members are also welcome to pack a lunch, grill at the pavilion, or just order pizza.
For each new, fully paid member current members get to join Northwood Pool you and the new member will each receive a $100 credit. When you refer a new member, the application must reflect the referring member in order to be eligible for the $100 credit.
Joining Northwood is easy. Visit and click on "How to Join" under the "Membership" link and follow the steps outlined.
This is a great deal, a great time to become the member of a private pool. Vacations may be hard to come by...for less than a weekend at Ocean City you can become a full member at a private pool that offers more than smiling faces.
"We are the best deal in town," said Hammond. "Becoming a member is good for families and friends. Members are welcome to join the board of directors, and you are welcome to use the facilities all year long," Hammond said. "But you don't have to do anything but come and enjoy."
If you can't afford to pay there is a family finance option - contact them and find out how.
The pool opens Memorial Day weekend. Call to become a full member today!
If you want to know more about Northwood Pool visit them at or send them an email to:
Northwood is located in the north end of Hagerstown, just off of Pennsylvania Avenue behind Grease Monkey. Northwood Pool is located at 13116 Pennsylvania Ave Hagerstown, MD 21742. Their phone number is 301-791-3555.

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