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Chambersburg Ballet to perform "Gift of the Magi" at IceFest 2010

Chambersburg Ballet to perform "Gift of the Magi" at IceFest 2010

Chambersburg, PA: The Chambersburg Ballet Theatre Company will present "The Gift of the Magi" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" at Chambersburg's IceFest 2010. Local dancers will join professional guest artists in CBT's "Icefest" performances on Friday January 29th at 7pm and Saturday January 30th at 3pm, at Chambersburg's historic Capitol Theatre, 159 S. Main Street, Chambersburg. For tickets, call the Capitol Box Office at 717-263-0202.
"The Gift of the Magi" is a world premiere ballet of the romantic Christmas story by O. Henry, in which a young couple each give their greatest possession to one another, and realize that their greatest gift is of that of love. Chambersburg Ballet Artistic Director Lavinia Reid collaborated with Dr. Dennis Ritz of Shippensburg University in creating the music for "The Gift of the Magi". Reid choreographed the ballet, and composed the music, which was then orchestrated by Ritz.
"Sorcerer's Apprentice is a magical fantasy ballet," explains Reid, "that local audiences will recognize through the Disney movie "Fantasia"." In the story a tired young sorcerer's apprentice tries to make his work easier by using his master's magic to make a broom carry water. His success is almost his undoing, until his master comes to his rescue.
"Our IceFest performances continue our 10th Anniversary season with an across-the-board ticket price of $10 for all performances," explains Board Chair Anne Finucane. "This is our way of showing appreciation for our audience while recognizing current economic conditions, and reminding everyone that it is our 10th Anniversary!"
For tickets, contact the Capitol box office at 717-263-0202; for details about the ballet, call the Chambersburg Ballet Theatre Company at 717-709-1800.

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