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Buffet Dining Can Be Fun!

Buffet Dining Can Be Fun!
By William L. Bulla

"When it comes to buffet-style dining, Mountain Gate Family Restaurants consistently offer the best 'All-you-can-eat' experience in the area," said Keith McLeaf.
McLeaf is one of three brothers managing the properties for their father, Meral McLeaf, founder of the restaurants. "My parents started Mountain Gate in Thurmont 30-years ago, and the Waynesboro location has been open 12-years", McLeaf said. "Food quality is a personal pride. We strive to provide our diners a wide selection of quality food at affordable prices in a friendly family atmosphere."
Buffet dining can be a fun experience. It appeals to many people for several reasons. It allows people to eat small portions of many things, rather than large portions of a couple of things. Buffet dining allows this where ordering from a menu may only provide an entree and two sides. Buffets provide the opportunity to try various foods they may never have eaten before. Buffets often offer a type of fish, meat or vegetable cooked in several different methods. It also may feature a selection of several types of meat or vegetables. At an "All-you-can-eat" buffet, diners may refill a plate or try different selections as much as they desire. For food lovers, every meal it is a fun-filled experience.
Mountain Gate's specialties include homemade bread and soup, home-style vegetables, large fresh salad bar, various meat entrees, and home-baked desserts, including a large selection of homemade pies. "Food on the buffet is replenished often, and meats are carved right in front of you." McLeaf exclaimed. "And, we feature different specials each day."
The restaurants are beautifully decorated for the Christmas holiday season. Garlands, sparkling lights and Christmas trees greet you as you enter the Waynesboro restaurant. And, the decorations continue through the entire restaurant. Seasonal decorations are found atop the long salad bar, and steam tables. Tables throughout both large dining rooms have been decorated for the diner's pleasure. The large fireplaces in both dining rooms are exquisitely decorated, one banked with poinsettias and the other draped with garland and lights. In addition to the food services, the restaurant features a gift shop and a large selection of gift cards.
One unique decor display is a rustic cross visible as one enters the building in Waynesboro. The cross decor was first used only as an Easter display in the Thurmont location, but later became a permanent fixture.
When the Waynesboro restaurant opened, a cross was placed in it as well.
It greets diners as they enter the restaurant this Christmas season, banked with poinsettias and a poster reading, "Jesus, the Reason for the Season!"
Divine Gospel sings are held twice per month in the spring and fall at each location. Reservations are being taken for the annual New Year's Eve Gospel event to be held at Mountain Gate in Thurmont from 7pm to midnight on December 31, 2009. All-you-can-eat buffet, music and more! Tickets are available for $27.00 each at both restaurants. "The Wingerts" is the host group for the evening, and "Last Generation", the guest group. To make reservations call 301-271-4373 or 717-765-6772.
So when you think of buffet dining, think of Mountain Gate Family Restaurants. "Come enjoy our hospitality," McLeaf said. "Our food quality, selection, and friendly service at affordable prices, are here for your enjoyment."
Mountain Gate Family Restaurants are open everyday from 5 am to 9 pm serving breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Home-style "All-you-can-eat" luncheon buffets are affordable priced. Breakfast: Monday-Friday $5.95; Saturday-Sunday $6.75. Luncheon: Monday-Friday $6.95; Saturday $10.50; Sunday $12.95. Dinner: Monday-Thursday $9.45; Friday-Saturday-Sunday $12.95. Banquet rooms and catering for parties, picnics, and weddings are available.
So for a fun-filled experience with fine home-style cooking visit a Mountain Gate Family Restaurant located at 10530 Buchanan Trail East, Waynesboro, Pa, or 133 Frederick Road, Thurmont, MD.

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