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Coffees of the World!

Coffees of the World!
by William L. Bulla

As one arrives at Greencastle Coffee Roasters, they can smell the great aroma of roasting coffee. And as you enter the store you are greeted with exciting, striking, intriguingly exotic atmosphere of flavors, aromas, and products. Not only are you confronted by an assortment of 250 different types of roasted coffee, you can find nearly 100 varieties of tea.
The atmosphere of striking, artistic Oriental banners hanging around the walls and unique lanterns adds to the ambience. Posters are used to inform customers of the various blends of coffee available.
Then you find an assortment of Southeast Asian foods offering a diverse range of rice, flavors, spices and exotic experiences for people seeking delicious meals.
As the word "exotic" is defined as " intriguingly unusual, different, excitingly strange or mysteriously different," exotic is definitely the word to express your shopping trip to Greencastle Coffee Roasters.
When asked about the roasting of coffee, Charles Rake, owner of the establishment replied, "Coffee roasting is an art as well as a science."
For any coffee species or coffee blend, roasting the coffee beans is the most important process in determining the flavor and intensity of the coffee. Before roasting, coffee beans are green. During the coffee roasting process, the coffee bean nearly doubles its size, and changes to a dark coffee color. Removing the coffee beans from the heat source, and cooling them finish the coffee roasting process. The method and rate at which the coffee beans are cooled also affects the flavor of the coffee.
There are various degrees of roasting the coffee beans. Coffee roasting coaxes flavor from the bean. It takes heat to turn the carbohydrates and fats into aromatic oils, burn off the moisture and unlock the coffee flavor. Various timing produces light to robust flavor in the coffee beans. After roasting the coffee it is often ground and mixed together to produce numerous blends. At this point, flavors are added to create ninety-seven varieties of flavored coffee available at Greencastle Coffee Roasters. Many of these are also available in decaf. Sample packages for making 5 to 6 cups are available for purchase.
The coffee beans available are from around the world. "We have traditionally roasted coffees from the four corners of the earth," Rake said.
The lands of Southeastern Asia were once known the world over as the land of the spices. Adventurers from across the globe risked life and honor to set out for these fabled lands.
The wonderful cuisine of Southeastern Asia is a melting pot of flavors.
The distinctive taste comes from the merging of all five of the palatable tastes; sour, salty, sweet, spicy and bitter. Asian cooking in itself is particularly healthy, with its many uses of rice. Greencastle Coffee Roasters carries a wide selection of foods and cooking ingredients of Southeast Asia. This is based on Mrs. Rake's experience.
"My wife is an expert in preparing Asian foods, having learned from her family," Rake said.
"Our antique Victorian coffee roaster does double duty. We use it to roast jumbo, Virginia peanuts. They are available in light, medium or dark roast. They are sale priced every Wednesday and Sunday for $1.10 per pound, bulk packaged in a 3-lb minimum," Rake said.
It's an easy trip to Greencastle Coffee Roasters. Interstate 81, exit 5 and west 6 blocks brings you to 168 Baltimore Street. The store is open Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 6pm; Friday 9am to 7pm; Saturday 9am to 5pm; and Sunday 11am to 5pm. And you can visit their website at for online coupons and special offers. Answers to questions about products may be obtained by calling 717-597-1900 or toll free 1-877-597-1900.
Visiting the shop is truly an exciting and exotic experience.

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