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Main Street Antiques & More: Open for Business

Main Street Antiques & More
Open for Business
By Jennifer Leese

When you say the word 'antique' to Matt Murphy he smiles. That's because he just loves them and the history behind them.
Matt, a self-proclaimed "Junior Dealer", decided to open his own antiques (& more) business in Keedysville shortly after his father couldn't work construction any longer. Matt turned to show me his father's tool belt hanging from a nail behind the counter ... "That reminds him that he can't do it anymore," Matt said.
Mr. Murphy's antique tools are priceless and Matt knew just what to do with them. "[My dad] used to have yard sales when I was younger and it was always antiques and tools. It was great," Matt remembers, "because we all knew we were gonna go to dinner that night because he'd always make a few bucks."
When the building came up for sale three years ago, Matt knew he had to have it. The building was originally built for the Women's Christian Temperance Union in 1892, but when Matt purchased it, remnants of the Full Circle Cafe were inside. There was an old soda machine in the back, a heating system shooting out of the floor, and bits and pieces of yesteryear strung everywhere.
Renovations on the old building took place and when Matt mentioned to his father that he bring all his tools up from North Carolina and they'd open an antique shop in the empty building, his father lit up. He started packing, Matt traveled and starting buying antique pieces that interested him, locals contacted him about placing their items in the store, and within no time Main Street Antiques & More was open for business.
Upon entering the large red wooden door your eyes jump from one place to another in the wide-open room. On your left there are candles, saddles, and tools, on your right are writing desks, typewriters, and handmade knitted items (lovingly knitted by Matt's mother), behind you Coca-Cola collectibles, beautiful photography, and beddings, and above you are quilts. It's obvious that Matt's shopping has paid off. Whether you're looking for a pair of long forgotten binoculars used during the Civil War or a set of heavy-duty bed frames - you'll find it here.
Main Street Antiques & More offers an opportunity for its visitors to not only hunt for the object that catches their eye and heart but to be able to experience an extravagant adventure of walking back in time.
If you have a few items you'd like to place on consignment, give Matt a call at 301-432-5888 and tell him about it. "Anybody who's local can bring stuff in and sell it here," Matt said.
Main Street Antiques & More is having a Holiday Open House the first week of December (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Come see what the store has to offer. Meet and greet local crafters in the area. And hopefully take home a few treasures.
Main Street Antiques & More is located at 38 N. Main Street in Keedysville. They can be reached at 301-432-5888.
SEE Inc., a safety company dedicated to working as part of your team to provide the best service available, is a business that Matt runs from the basement of Main Street Antiques. Their contact information is 301-432-3949 and

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