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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Do You Have Your Costume Yet?
Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
by Jennifer LB Leese

Are you looking for a great Halloween costume? Waited until the last minute? Don't worry! You can look great and come across as clever, creative, and spirited, with little to no prep time. Some of the smartest and funniest Halloween costumes are inspired by last minute creations!
Carry a quarter and a hammer - now you're a "Quarter Pounder".
Attach pictures of Robert DeNiro all over yourself - and you become "Mucho Dinero".
Dress all in pink and carry a feather - to be "Tickled Pink".
Dress all in black and tie a shot glass around your neck - and you're "A Shot in the Dark".
Dress all in black and attach a postage stamp to yourself - to be "Black Mail".
Draw the letter C seven times on your face and arms - to become "The Seven Seas".
Attach sponges all over your body - you are now "Self-Absorbed".
Affix a couch cushion to the front and back of you to be the mysterious - "The Lost TV Remote".
Wear all white and attach (or paint) a yellow circle on the stomach of your T-shirt - to become an "egg" or add horns and a pitchfork to be a "deviled egg".
Paint a shoebox black and attach it to your back - you're now a handy "Refrigerator Magnet".
Attach a piece of Styrofoam beneath an old shirt and stab a fork through it - to become "Done".
Wear a bridal gown and sneakers - and you become the "Runaway Bride".
Paint one finger gold and you are - "Austin Powers' 'Goldfinger'".
Dress normally then pin socks, dryer sheets, hand towels, and odds and ends all over you - to be "Static Cling".
Carry some paper and when someone asks you what your costume is, tear up a piece and say, "Paper Shredder".
Where a black slip and wear a sign that says "Freud" - and you are instantly a "Freudian Slip".
Try something no one would expect - be "Yourself".
Attach a few cat and dog stuffed animals to an umbrella, be sure to wear a raincoat and you are now "Raining Cats and Dogs".
Or take a stuffed dog and attach it to your a long sleeve shirt - to become an "Attack Dog Trainer".
Wear an old pair of jeans, and attach a few dozen Smarties candies to your jeans - and everyone will be calling you "Smarty Pants".
Dress in a suit and attach legal documents to yourself - you're a walking "Law Suit".
Attach a pack of Tic Tacs to the tip of your shoe - to be "Tic Tac Toe".
Hold a toy airplane in the palm of your hand - and you instantly become an "Aircraft Carrier".
Put a sign around your neck that says "Go Ceilings!!" - you're now a "Ceiling Fan".
Wear normal clothing and hang a sign around your neck that says - "Nudist on Strike".
Grab a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts, a visor, a camera or two around your neck and wear socks with sandals to become - "The Tourist".
Wear a black shirt and jeans, paint or draw on (with body crayons) a white mustache, and hang a sign around your that says 'Got Milk?' - to become the "Got Milk? ad".
Wear all white and attach cups, a milk carton, candy wrappers, snack bags, and cracker packets to yourself - and you are "White Trash".
Wear red, white, and blue - and you are an "American Flag".
Attach a clear plastic trash bag to yourself and place 30 or more slightly inflated color balloons inside - to be a "Bag of Jellybeans".
Wear a baseball cap backwards. Throw another one on top in the opposite direction - and you are "Sherlock Holmes".
Glue or pin large leaves to your "shy" areas - and be "Adam or Eve".
Best but not least...
Cut two holes in a white bed sheet and drape it over yourself - to be "A Ghost". Or go one step further, and cut holes all over the white bed sheet - to become Charlie Brown's Ghost Costume. (PLACE PIC HERE)

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