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Secondhand Shop Worth a Second Look

Secondhand Shop Worth a Second Look
by Jennifer Leese

Chris Shaper and his wife opened Finders Keepers Fine Consignment Shop in April of 2009.
Finders Keepers, with 6,100-square feet of showroom space, is an upscale resale store for fine home furnishings and accessories.
Shaper, with a background of 30 years in marketing and sales from a corporate standpoint, saw an opportunity for this type of shop in the Hagerstown area. "[Our shop] is an exciting place to visit to see a variety of quality items. We make every effort to provide outstanding service to both our buyers and consignors by offering carefully selected quality items at fair prices."
With nearly everyone going "green" consignment shopping seems to be the "now" thing to do. Finders Keepers fits the category, as they are a system for recycling used furniture and used accessories.
Placing your items on consignment allows you to sell them to somebody who may have a need for them. "We receive beautiful and unique items from consignors that are downsizing, inheriting, relocating, or redecorating," says Shaper. With consignment you gain exposure, earn money without the hassle, and don't have to worry about strangers coming to your home.
For the shopper, it's a great opportunity for buying excellent valued items at a fraction of the cost.
Take advantage of Finders Keepers' "wish list" and place a wanted item you've been searching for on it. Describe it and if that item comes in their shop, they'll call you. "Finders Keepers takes great care in inspecting, and cleaning items prior to accepting them into our showroom," says Shaper. "We will make every effort to accept only the best items available to us and to make sure that the items are in good to excellent condition."
Items found include furniture, rugs/carpets, art, home decor, antiques, lighting, crystal, china, silver, jewelry, linens, window treatments, coins, collectibles, musical instruments, silk plants, designer handbags, and more.
Things they don't sell in the shop are clothing, mattresses, tools, records, tapes, CDs, books, or any type of electronic devices that are not home decor type of materials. "We always hope to see items that are unique. Unlike a department store, if you walked into a chain, the item you would buy would come from the warehouse and they'd bring it out to you in a box; if you buy it here - we don't have one to go back in the warehouse to get. So a lot of the things we get are very unique to what we have on our floor. Once it's gone, it's gone."
Finders Keepers message is clear: High quality items at a lower cost.
"We're very pleased with the response that we've been receiving from the Hagerstown and surrounding communities," Shaper said. "We're very happy with people's acceptance of us in the community and the things that we feel we are bringing them."
Finders Keepers is a great place to shop. With inventory continually moving in and out, every visit is like the first time - always something new to see.
If you're interested in selling your unwanted items with Finders Keepers or have questions or concerns call then at 301-790-2300, fax them at 301-393-2987, or send an email to them at Be sure to ask about their fundraising opportunities.
Consignments are by appointment only, pickup is available. "Bring them in and let us take a look at them or if the items are too large, send us a photo."
Finders Keepers Fine Consignment Shop is located at 1308 Dual Highway (Lower Level), Hagerstown. Hours of operation: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday Noon-5pm, closed Mondays.

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