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Heritage Crafts Workshops for Youth

Pottery instructor, Jack Handshaw, shows students how to work with redware clay in a previous session of Heritage Craft workshops for youth at Renfrew Park. This summer, the week-long series of various crafts will be offered from July 20-24.

Heritage Crafts Workshops for Youth

Waynesboro: Renfrew Institute is offering a full slate of "Heritage Crafts: Summer Workshops for Youth," from July 20-24 at Renfrew Park visitors center in Waynesboro. The popular week-long series of half-day workshops feature "crafts from the past" to fascinate and challenge children and teens looking for interesting hands-on projects this summer.
With instruction from local artisans, students will learn how to create useful and beautiful items while learning the traditional heritage crafts of tin-smithing, quilting, leatherwork, basketry, pottery, working with textiles and making penny rugs.
Eight workshops are featured, with morning and afternoon sessions on several days. Scheduling permits participants to attend one or all of workshops. The basic workshop fee is $20 per workshop for members of Renfrew Institute and $25 for non-members. Some classes have additional materials fees and age restrictions; see individual descriptions.
Monday, July 20, 9am-12pm: "Piercing Tin"- In this popular workshop, students explore a time-honored craft and create a special pierced-tin project (nightlight or candle sleeve). Age: completing grades 3-8. Instructor: Bob North. Limit 8. Materials fee: $5.
Monday, July 20, 1-4pm: "Tin Cookie Cutters"- Participants learn the craft of tin-smithing and the technique of forming cookie cutters. Age: completing grades 3-8. Instructor: Bob North. Limit 10. Materials fee: $5.
Tuesday, July 21, 9am-12 noon: "Quilting"-Students will create a lasting work of art when they learn a basic quilting stitch and construct their own quilt block. Age: completing grades 3-9. Limit: 12. Instructor: Karen Manderson. Materials fee: none.
Tuesday, July 21, 1-4pm: "Leatherwork"-Students will create a handmade leather pouch and learn about the tannery that existed at Renfrew 200 years ago. Age: completing grades 3-6. Limit: 12. Instructor: Ed Beard. Materials fee: $5.
Wednesday, July 22, 9am-12 noon: "Pottery"- Students will create hand-built pottery pieces of redware clay, with emphasis on using natural materials for textures. Age: completing grades 2-8. Limit 25. Instructor: Jack Handshaw. Materials fee: none.
Wednesday, July 22, 1-4pm: "Fun With Fibers"-Students will learn to felt wool, use a drop spindle to make handspun yarn, and use a loom to weave a bookmark. Age: completing grades 3-8. Limit 10. Instructor: Beth Skroban. Materials fee: none.
Thursday, July 23, 9am-1pm: "Basketry"- (Note: Workshop extended 1 hour. Workshop fee increased for this offering only, due to extended time: $25 for members of Renfrew Institute and $30 for non-members.) Students will learn to make a basket with handle, and to weave the basket sides and fit the rim. Students should bring the following tools: dishpan or similar container for holding water, 10 clothes pins, sharp scissors, an awl or small knitting needle. Age: completing grades 3-12. Limit 12. Instructor: Susan Matson. Materials fee: $10.
Friday, July 24, 9am-12 noon: "Penny Rugs"- Learn how to make a hot pad or coaster, as well as other items in the old penny rug technique. The penny rug is a style of folk art appliquÇ, featuring felt circles and blanket stitch embroidery. Historically, they were used as decorative coverings for tables or as wall hangings rather than on the floor. Age: completing grades 2-12. Limit 12. Instructor: Anita Pfeuffer. Materials fee: $1.
Underwriting support for the series was provided by William H. Gelbach, Jr. of Waynesboro, and by Renfrew Institute's Today's Horizon Fund contributors: PenMar Development Corp., Nora Roberts Foundation, and an anonymous donor. Facility support is provided courtesy of Renfrew Museum and Park.
Space for the workshops is limited, and pre-registration is required by Monday, July 13. For more information or to register, call 717-762-0373. Registration forms are also available at Parking is available in Renfrew's lower lot off Welty Road.

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