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Renaissance Festival Comes to Hager House

Renaissance Festival Comes to Hager House

The Middle Ages will come alive once again during the 20th Annual Renaissance Festival to be held at the historic Jonathan Hager House & Museum on Saturday, June 6, 2009.
Over 200 reenactors from four states will attend this years' Highland River Melees event. The participants are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a national non-profit organization and the festival at the Hager House is sponsored by the local chapter of the SCA, known as Highland Foorde Barony. Its members portray the lifestyles of those who lived during the Middle Ages, including knights, merchants, servants, minstrels and blacksmiths.
The encampment is open from 8am to 5pm and free for the public to visit. Guests will have a chance to try their hand at shooting traditional archery equipment and participate in other hands on activities. There will also be merchants on hand selling their period wares and artisans in period dress demonstrating their crafts.
The highlight of the event is the martial competitions including a 14th century Knights Round Robin Tournament featuring combatants in full armor. This year, the spectators viewing the mock fighting exhibitions will be able to sit comfortably on elevated bleachers. Exhibitions will begin at 10:30am. Along with the always fascinating period displays will be the return of the very popular Middle Eastern tent complete with belly dancers and regional music.
According to Bryan, "We are very fortunate to have the SCA come to the Hager House, since most of their activities are not open to the public. This event is not a regular occurrence and is truly a fantastic opportunity for the entire family to learn about the Middle Ages."
The Jonathan Hager House, located in Hagerstown's beautiful City Park, will be open for tours during the festival. The Hager House, outfitted with 18th century furnishings, is the original home of Jonathan Hager, who founded Hagerstown in 1762. Hager House adult admission is $3.00, children ages 6 to 12 are $1.00, and senior citizens are $2.00 and will be offered from 10am to 4pm with the last tour offered half an hour before closing. For more information call 301-739-8393 or e-mail

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