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Local Students Solving Problems Straight to Knoxville, Tennessee

Local Students Solving Problems Straight to Knoxville, Tennessee

Your Challenge: Create a music video, to be presented live, based on any published piece of literature. Your solution to this challenge should include team designed and created sets, original music and lyrics, original choreography, and a grand entrance or exit made possible by using scientific or technical means. Did I mention your budget is $125? The maximum performance time is 6 minutes. The presentation must fit into an 8" X 10' area, and outside assistance is prohibited.

Destination ImagiNation(r) is the World's Largest Creative Problem Solving Program for students K through college. Involving over 300,000 students in over 45 countries annually, teams begin in the fall with a challenge similar to the one above. Then research, design, build, correct, and present their solutions in the spring. The process-basis of this program helps young people build lifelong skills in creative and critical thinking, teamwork, time management, and problem solving.
The DI process also includes a second component called "Instant Challenge". This is when each team is presented with a minor technical and presentation challenge, unusual materials, and 5 minutes to innovatively improvise a solution and skit to explain their idea.
(BOLD)North High's Teams
Team One: Samantha Beard, Annie Beachley, Ashleigh McCoy, Emily Simmons, Emily Smith, and Jacquelyn Stewart
Team Two: Oscar Shao, Aetagan Arivalahan, Rajan Patel, and Bernard Cabatit
(BOLD)What winning means for them, North High, and Washington County.
Regarding to North High - Valerie Novak the principal would provide a better perspective.
I asked the authorities (the kids who are going) their feelings on what it means to them.
Emily Smith said, "DI to me means a time when I get to get together with a group of my friends to work together to solve a problem it is a time when I learn how to work with people who have different talents and different interests than me it is also when I can discover talents that I didn't know that I had but most importantly it is a time to have fun doing what I love to do."
Oscar said, "DI means being able to do what you feel is the right choice without adult telling us not to. It also means being with my friends and have fun and learn something at the same time. It's also part of the memories I will always remember. Hope that's good enough to explain what DI means to me."
Sami Beard said, "Friendship I have acquired through my 6 years and the goal I have set to make it to the highest level: Globals. It also means that later in life I have skills that most people wouldn't normally have; I can think outside the box and learn how to use my creativity to solve problems, and I know how to interact with all types of people and solve problems. I can improve my academics, know now through DI I can get done anything and everything if I just use my imagination to accomplish it, and that I can fix anything with a little bit of Duck Tape and PVC pipe and find 101 ways to use a paper clip."
Annie Beachley said, "...helps my creative skills...academics...learning environment...friendships through the years...determination...goal accomplishments...and create anything."
Ashleigh McCoy said, "DI promises many memories every single year and a second family."
Bernard Cabatit said, "Destination Imagination or simply two letters, DI, is not just a club; it's a belief, a calling. DI was introduced to me in the sixth grade. Through the four years I have participated in it I've learned many things. I've learned how to cooperate better with teammates and friends, how to solve challenging problems in short amounts of time and in extended periods. But most important thing I've learned from DI is when and how to step up as a leader. I was a meek little kid just entering middle school when I heard an announcement about Destination Imagination. I decided to check it out with a friend of mine to see what it was about. Because of that one choice, I became involved with the organization. I have found that DI is a place where some one that is typically shy can freely express themselves through the arts, such as acting, or using engineering to construct structures, set pieces and vehicles. DI is also a place where you can see friends that you would not typically see on a normal school day and collaborate on ideas with them. I have used these lessons and taken them to heart, you could say that I have evolved. Through my experience with DI, I have changed for the better. I was once the shy, little kid that people expected to be intelligent. Because of DI, I have broken out of my shell and embraced my true self. The years after I started to participate in DI, I continued to open up and continually express myself through work I could not normally do during school hours."
(BOLD)Where They Are Going
This year's process has included presentations at the regional level, which was held at South High in March and at the state level at Towson in April. At Towson both North Hagerstown teams earned the privilege of representing Maryland at the Global Finals by placing second in their respective challenges. The Global finals are held May 21-25, on the campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.
(BOLD)Why We Need Your Help
During their participation the teams will present their individual solutions competing with teams from most states and multiple countries. Additionally, the 5-day event will include seminars and learning experiences focused on improving "Out of the Box" innovation, effective use of story, and creative design and building options. The fee required for participation of the 10 participants and adult manager is over $7,000! We need your help in raising this money.
(BOLD)How You Can Help
Individuals may send monetary donations (payable to NHHS Destination Imagination Teams) 21736 Leitersburg Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21742. The teams will also be holding various fundraisers in the community in the coming weeks including car washes, spaghetti dinners and business seminars and creativity workshops. For more information on these fundraisers, check out the community calendar and frequently updated press releases on the Picket News website at
(BOLD)Q & A with Dan Henderson, Western Regional Coordinator:
Q. Are there any other Washington County teams going to Globals?
A. "North High is the only Washington County team going. However, there are 2 other Western Region teams going. But, they're from other counties."
Q. Is this the first time that a high school or any other Washington County school has had two teams going to Globals?
A. "We've had many high school teams from all over the Western Region attend Globals. There has also been other Washington County teams go to Globals. In fact, 3 years ago, at Globals, St. Mary's won 1st place in the middle level theater challenge...How'd that happen?"
"DI is very important part of my life. I'm thrilled how the Western Region teams represented our region at the state tournament. Our region did very well."

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