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Selling Nothing But Service

Selling Nothing But Service
By Jennifer Leese

Jason Brooks loves his job. As the owner of CleanMachine, Jason has always seen himself owning a detailing business. "I started my own business to give myself a chance instead of working for somebody else."
Today he is following his dream. The demand was high, the time was right, and with perseverance, clever marketing, and proper managing; Jason took his future into his own hands. His business is unique, smart and something everyone needs.
CleanMachine is a fully self-contained mobile detailing service that performs high quality detailing at YOUR location. Jason can work virtually anywhere. Located in Hagerstown, his company specializes in customer satisfaction, and in some cases offers same day service. "Not only am I doing something that I love, I am providing a more personal service for the client because it's at THEIR convenience," Jason said. "CleanMachine is for the client."
Jason has 15 years experience working as a professional detailer. "I have always strived to provide superior quality work. A top-quality detail not only makes your vehicle look great, it also helps protect its value." Jason has worked for Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Honda, just to name a few. Although he enjoyed detailing [for someone else's company], he was ready for change. The scenario didn't quite suite him anymore. "I've always seen myself owning my own detailing business. The ultimate goal has always been to have multiple CleanMachines on the road."
Jason is off to a good start. He began the company in 2007, working part time for Sagittarius Salon clients from there he has done nothing but grow.
"My car looked better than when I brought it home brand new," said Gail Perry, one of many satisfied customers. "I recommend CleanMachine to everyone!"
With the idea of always moving forward, and Jason's passion, commitment, and work ethic, along with his successful business track record, CleanMachine is steadily growing. The company has cleaned, polished, and waxed everything from daily drivers to company fleets to RVs and travel trailers to boats and collectables. Last year, Penn National Golf Club in Fayetteville, PA, hired the company to provide detailing services for their golfers and residents. After customer inquiries, CleanMachine has recently expanded to providing additional services such as pressure-washing houses and sidewalks for businesses and private homes. "We specialize in providing high quality detailing where you work, live, and/or play."
With a company like CleanMachine, you no longer have to surrender your weekends, wait in long lines, or take the time out of your busy day to have your car looking and smelling like new! CleanMachine comes to you, equipped with everything they need to provide impeccable detailing on the spot.
"The price is right, the quality is outstanding, and his friendly personality is a welcoming bonus," said Terri Black, another satisfied customer.
CleanMachine only uses professional-grade materials such as waxes, soaps, cleaners and protectants. Jason feels that because these products are better in quality, they are "longer lasting" and gives "a better end result."
"It's more about quality than quantity," says Jason.
CleanMachine offers a full range of services from a simple wash, vac, windows, and shining of tires to a complete package detail that has it all. See the sidebar on A12 for details.
If your vehicle doesn't shine or your interior leaves much to be desired, CleanMachine has the knowledge and skills to bring your car back to life. Once Jason has it sparkling, be sure to set up regular appointments to keep the brilliant shine inside and out.
CleanMachine will also provide services outside the area within a reasonable distance. Call for details and pricing. (BUBBLE) Gift certificates are available. (BUBBLE) This wonderful new addition to our community can handle all your detailing needs for cars, trucks, vans, aircraft, RVs, SUVs, and boats, with specialization in dealer lot service and corporate fleets.
So if you're looking to get your vehicle cleaned to perfection - give Jason a call. His number is 301-991-1249. If he doesn't answer right away, he's probably detailing a car or leave him a detailed message and he'll get back to you as soon as he can. (Usually within 24 hours)
Give CleanMachine a try, you will not be disappointed.

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