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Unique, Fun, and Special Valentine's Day Ideas

Unique, Fun, and Special Valentine's Day Ideas
by Jennifer Leese

Just like any holiday, finding the right gift for your loved one can sometimes be aggravating. Here are a few unique, fun, and special Valentine's Day ideas that you can put together in no time. And your loved one will remember it for always.
* Give your spouse a coupon book full of free-up or relaxing coupons such as you being the babysitter for one evening, cleaning out dad's garage, giving your spouse a massage, etc. This idea will also work for just about anyone. It can be done in minutes. If you have access to a computer design as many coupons as you want with photos, clipart, and special text. Then print, cut them out, and poke holes on the side. Tie with ribbon. You can design coupons by hand as well.
* Same as the coupon idea, you can give your loved one a jar full of love. If done by hand, this one may take a little longer, but done on the computer will take less time. Take 365 pieces of paper and hand write or type different sayings such as 'I Love You', 'You're the Best', 'I'd marry you all over again'. This way they can pull out a message from you every morning.
* For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, mix together some pancakes and shape them as hearts. As an added sweet treat, serve with strawberries and whipped cream.
* Leave love notes all around the house. Insert one in the briefcase or purse, hang them on the bathroom mirror, dresser mirror, place them in drawers, and leave a message on the windshield of the car.
* If you are getting jewelry this Valentine's Day, give it a special touch - add a personal touch by engraving a secret pet name on the piece.
* Plan a simple romantic trip to a destination you both would love to be. Whether it is a short getaway or a week long adventure, spend the time gazing at the stars, and getting to know each other all over again.
* Have your kids help you prepare red Jell-o with cinnamon hearts mixed in, mashed potatoes colored with pink food coloring, and heart-shaped cookies. Let your kids help you come up with creative ideas for the rest of the meal.
* Take time to spend just the two of you. Go to dinner and a movie. Go on a little shopping splurge. Have a picnic (even if it's indoors). Take a walk. Just spend time together.
* Send your spouse on a treasure hunt - of you! Have the bedroom prepared with soft scented candles, fresh clean sheets, music you both enjoy, and red rose petals. Leave a note on the front door to start the treasure hunt. Have it take your spouse all around the house with a message in each spot leading them to another until finally it leads them to you.
However you decide to celebrate - have a unique, fun, and special Valentine's Day!

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